Supervisors' Rights and Responsibilities

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  1. All jobs must be hourly paid positions with a job description approved by and on file with the Office of Student Financial Services. All student jobs must adhere to the guidelines and policies set forth in the Student Employment Handbook.

  2. According to federal regulations, students cannot work prior to completion of Form I-9. International students who have not yet received a Social Security number are also ineligible to begin working until they have a receipt from the SSA showing they have officially applied for one. It is your responsibility to ensure that a student does not begin work in your department until you have received notice from Student Financial Services that they are approved for employment. Allowing a student without a Form I-9 or without a valid Social Security number to work may result in the loss of your department's ability to employ student workers. An off-campus work-study agency and the student must enter into a contract with Brandeis University detailing each party's rights and responsibilities.

  3. Students who are awarded a federal work-study or university employment allotment as part of their financial aid packages must be given hiring priority until Oct. 1 of each academic year. Students who were not awarded these funds are ineligible for hire until after this date. Students working in dining services or as lifeguards are exempt from this rule. If you believe you have a circumstance that merits an exemption, contact the associate director of student employment for information on how to proceed with an exemption request. No exemptions will be granted for available positions that were not posted campuswide through the Office of Student Financial Services.

  4. Please consult with your department head or your department budget manager before you extend an offer of employment to a student worker to determine if you have adequate funding. Please note that your department is responsible for 100% of student earnings, regardless of a student's federal work-study status.

  5. Incoming international students will not have a Social Security number when they first arrive on campus. However, this should not deter you from hiring a qualified international student. If you would like to hire an international student who is not yet in possession of an SSN, complete the international student employment form (pdf), which is available online. The student should bring this form, along with a photocopy of the completed new hire/rehire form, to the International Students and Scholars Office in Kutz 215. The ISSO will then assist the student in applying for a Social Security number. Once the student receives an SSN, he/she should go to the Office of Student Financial Services to complete Form I-9 and Form W-4. In most cases, the student will be eligible to begin working in 10 to 14 days. The student may not work until they have applied for an SSN and Form I- 9 has been completed.

  6. You have the right to be treated with respect and courtesy by your student employees. You have the right to expect that students will show up on time, be dressed appropriately for work, perform their assigned tasks and follow basic office procedures. Similarly, it is your responsibility to ensure that the student is treated with respect and courtesy, is provided with adequate training and knows what is expected of him or her, including but not necessarily limited to knowing whom to report to; what tasks to perform and how to perform them; if the student is performing assigned tasks adequately; how to improve performance; and what procedures to follow in the event that the student cannot attend regularly scheduled hours. If behavioral, performance or other issues arise that are beyond your control, or if you require guidance or assistance on a particular issue, contact the associate director of student employment.

  7. It is your responsibility to approve each students submitted time in Workday. It is also your responsibility to ensure that time sheets are completed on a daily basis and are accurate. All time for the previous week must be entered into Workday by Tuesday evening, unless otherwise specified by the Payroll Office. Any time sheet you may have from weeks prior to the previous week must be entered in the appropriate week and approved as soon as possible. Manual paychecks will not be processed for students whose hours are submitted after the deadline. Repeated failure to meet the processing deadline may result in termination of your department's right to employ student workers.

  8. It is your responsibility to ensure that all employees who work a period of more than six hours are offered a 30-minute unpaid meal break. They must be relieved of all duties during this time.

  9. Students working with sensitive or confidential information must complete a confidentiality agreement (pdf) with their supervisor or department head. A copy of the confidentiality agreement must be submitted to the Office of Student Financial Services to be kept in the student's permanent file. Any student who breaches the terms of the confidentiality agreement will be immediately released from employment.