Termination of Employment

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Types of Termination

Warnings and Terminations

Except for situations of serious misconduct (see immediate release), the procedure for warnings and/or terminations is as follows:

  1. A verbal warning upon the first instance of misconduct.

  2. If misconduct continues, a written warning is to be issued.

  3. If the matter is still not resolved, a written termination notice may be issued and a copy of the student employee termination form should be completed.

Supervisors are encouraged to communicate openly with students regarding performance and behavior expectations so that terminations may be avoided.


In any case of involuntary termination, it is very important that you contact us prior to dismissing the student. We are required by law to issue the employee final payment in full on their last day of employment.

If the student is owed any pay (current pay period included), it is our responsibility to issue it on the day of discharge. Once you have possession of the final paycheck, you may then notify the student of their termination.