Mid-course Feedback

Gathering midcourse feedback from your students offers many benefits for their learning and your teaching. It can help you to:
  • Identify the teaching practices that benefit students’ learning and those that do not,
  • Heighten students’ awareness of the ways you support their learning experiences,
  • Engage students in practicing metacognition by reflecting on their learning,
  • Discuss with students the rationale for how and why you are adjusting the course based on their feedback,
  • Increase students’ engagement in the course
  • Improve end-of-term teaching evaluations.

The two-question anonymous survey available in LATTE gathers information about students’ learning experiences.  Please see these instructions to locate and make visible the Course Feedback form in LATTE and explicitly invite your students to complete it.

The CTL would be happy to help you identify patterns and themes in your student feedback and keep the occasional outlier comment in perspective. The CTL can also help you develop your own feedback survey and lead focus groups in your course, if you're interested.  As always, you can schedule a one-on-one consultation with the CTL staffThese confidential services are not connected with promotion or tenure reviews (although you may choose to document these as evidence of your teaching development efforts).