Brandeis Innovation

Bozhanka Vitanova, MA

Bozhanka VitanovaI-Corps Instructor

Bozhanka coaches researchers, scientists, and students, helping them build entrepreneurial competencies. She designs and implements courses which help identify valuable product opportunities that can emerge from academic research. She is also the founder of TeamLift, an award-winning startup that is building next gen AI tech for a truly fair, unbiased future of validated personal abilities.  

Prior to joining Brandeis, Bozhanka co-founded Yunus & Youth, an international organization endorsed by Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus. The organization now works with young social entrepreneurs in 34 countries and has supported the establishment of 65 pioneering social enterprises.

Bozhanka is an alum of the Brandeis International Business School, with a Masters degree in International Economics and Finance, where she earned the Class of 2016 Prize for Excellence in Economics. Bozhanka attended Brandeis IBS as a Fulbright scholar, where she conducted research on identifying factors that influence early stage social enterprise success. Through her research, she has formulated the concept of an entrepreneurial muscle memory, creating the basis of a new methodology which provides any individual, anywhere in the world, a blank slate to succeed no matter the context.

Originally from Macedonia, Bozhanka has lived and worked in seven countries. She is passionate about building entrepreneurial ecosystems and enjoys contributing to the development of the entrepreneurial pipeline at Brandeis and the Greater Boston area.