Brandeis Innovation

Erin Monahan Weisberg, MS

Erin WeisbergData Integrity Manager

Erin joined the Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) in June of 2013 in order to develop processes to organize the various data and documents of the office. Special projects have included establishing protocols to maintain the consistency in processing the daily influx of intellectual property communications and working with University Records Management to preserve OTL historical documents.

Prior to her work at Brandeis University, Erin was a Licensing Associate at Massachusetts General Hospital and later created a multi-volume handbook for all incoming department staff. She also has performed research for a few Boston-area biotechnology companies including preparing compounds for clinical trials.

She is a registered Patent Agent with the US Patent and Trademark Office and trained in a law firm. Erin earned her undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Wheaton College and MS degree in Pharmacology at Mayo Graduate School within the Mayo Clinic.