Directed Readings and Research

A directed research or readings course is essentially a one-on-one independent study at the graduate level, which the student arranges individually with a professor if the topic is not already covered in regularly offered courses. The course number remains static but a separate section can be created for each faculty member. Courses taken while working on a capstone thesis or project include: NEJS 295a (readings) or NEJS 296a (independent study). Courses taken during the final semester of a capstone thesis or project include NEJS 298a (projects) or NEJS 299a (thesis). Several students may arrange for a directed readings course together, if appropriate.

The student should contact the instructor or advisor in the relevant field to discuss options, and arrange regular meetings at mutually agreed-upon times. The curriculum (reading list) may be assembled collaboratively. Enrollment is done via an "add-drop form" (on the Registrar's website), which requires the instructor's signature, and is then brought to the Registrar in person. In addition, both student and instructor complete an in-house contract/agreement detailing the purpose of the course and the material to be covered.