Tillie K. Lubin Symposium

Ryanne Olsen, Glynda C. Carr, Charlotte Golar Richie and Jill S. GreenleeRyanne Olsen, Glynda C. Carr, Charlotte Golar Richie and Jill S. Greenlee, speakers at the 2018 Tillie K. Lubin Symposium

The Tillie K. Lubin Symposium focuses on a contemporary issue or event relevant to Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies.

It was started in honor of Tillie Kulp, a native of Iowa, who married Charles Lubin in the late 1930s soon after he had purchased a chain of neighborhood bakeries in Chicago. After the birth of their daughter Sara Lee, the Lubins renamed their company the Kitchens of Sara Lee.

The company's great success allowed the Lubins to engage in many philanthropic projects. Among their major gifts, they established the Charles Lubin Family Chair for Women in Science at Skidmore College and the Charles W. and Tillie K. Lubin Center for Plant Biotechnology and the Lubin Chair of Hormone Research at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Tillie Lubin also had a lifelong passion for the arts and a particular affinity for Spanish culture. Her daughter, Sara Lee Schupf, served on the Women's Studies Program Board in the 1990s and endowed the Lubin Symposium in her mother's honor.

2024 Tillie K. Lubin Symposium

The 2024 Tillie K. Lubin Symposium is a conversation entitled, "The Politics of (Social) Reproduction." This year's symposium will feature Professor Khiara Bridges (Berkeley Law), Professor Sameena Mulla (Emory), Professor Sara Kaplan (American University), and Professor Jessica Johnson (Johns Hopkins University). The event will be moderated by Professor Shoniqua Roach (Brandeis).

In the wake of so many state-sanctioned infringements on BIPOC, LGBTQ, women and femme reproductive autonomy, the department is hosting an interdisciplinary panel discussion amongst Black and women of color feminists on the politics of reproduction. The panel will think critically about the politics of social reproduction in light of the precarization and disappearance of so many forms of waged work and affordable housing options. As Silvia Federici notes in her preface to Wages for Housework, the reproductive crisis is forcing us to rethink the “home and the neighborhood as terrains of struggle and political re-composition.”

Please join us from 2-4 p.m., Friday, March 8, 2024, Mandel Forum in conversation with these scholars.

The event will also be broadcast via webinar. To view the event in webinar format, please register in advance. In-person attendance does not require pre-registration.

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Past Symposia

Decolonizing Genders and Sexualities

March 29, 2023

Professor Tiffany Lethabo King (University of Virginia) and Professor Cutcha Risling Baldy (Cal Poly Humboldt) in conversation about what it means to study notions of "gender" and "sexuality" from a decolonial perspective.
Too Busy with Living: Moving Beyond Colonial Apprehension of Indigenous Life in So-Called Canada

March 16, 2022

A conversation with Celeste Pedri-Spade (Queens University) and Zoe Todd (Carleton University) introduced by ChaeRan Freeze.

Rage, Race, and Vulnerability: Millennials and Political Participation in the Era of Trump

October 6, 2020

Cathy Cohen (University of Chicago) introduced by V Chaudhry.

An Informal Talk About Form in Heart Berries & New Work

March 14, 2019

Terese Marie Mailhot introduced by Professor ChaeRan Freeze.

Marching, then Running: Women Candidates in the Trump Era

February 26, 2018

Panelists include Glynda C. Carr, Ryanne Olsen and Charlotte Golar Richie with moderator Professor Jill Greenlee.

Rule of Law, Politics, Equality and the Media: Neil Gorsuch and the Dawn of the Trump Era Court

March 9, 2017

Panelists include Professors Anita Hill, Jeffrey Lenowitz, Eileen McNamara, Susan Parish and Michael Willrich with moderator Professor Jill Greenlee.

2016 Tillie K. Lubin Symposium

March 22, 2016

A conversation with Jasmine Johnson followed by a book signing with Janet Mock.