Richard Saber Undergraduate Research Grant

  • Claudia Roldan poses with her grant certificate and the presenter

    Claudia Roldan, 2018 winner of the Richard Saber Undergraduate Research Grant

  • This grant was established by Brian Saber ’84 in 1993 in memory of his father, Richard Saber. The grant is awarded every fall to a Brandeis undergraduate to support a research project in the field of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies.

    Recent Award Recipients

    Prize Year Recipient Paper
    2020-2021 Quinn Weiner "Experiences with Complex Attribution and Interpersonal Gendering"
    2019-2020 Eli Wasserman "The Impacts of Non-Inclusive Sex Education on the Rates of Sexually Transmitted Infections, Teen Pregnancy, and Young People's Mental and Emotional Health." 
    2018-2019 Yiyi Wu "The 'Coming-out' of Tongqi: Stories of Chinese Heterosexual Women who Marry Homosexual Men"
    2017-2018 Claudia Roldan “Incorporation of Cultural Values in the Treatment of Post-Partum Depression for Latino Mothers”
    2016-2017 Mingyue Chen, co-winner “Life of Female Factory Labor in China”
    2016-2017 Rachel Gabrilowitz, co-winner “Jewish Mothers of Autistic Children: Ritual and Disability Through a Feminist Lens”
    2015-2016 Aliya Bean “Women’s Colleges, the Evolution of Romantic Friendships, and the Development of a Lesbian Identity (1890s-1930s)”