Mina Bond giving two thumbs up on stage at ImprovBoston

WOW Fellowship Recipient Mina Bond ‘19, spent the summer of 2018 as a Comedy School Intern at ImprovBoston in Cambridge, MA.

A Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies internship is intended to provide you with hands-on experience in settings focused on the concerns of women or girls or on issues of gender or sexuality.

Your internship responsibilities should help you to develop a deeper understanding of the ways in which gender and sexuality inform institutional structures and individual experiences. The most useful internships are those in which students are given the opportunity to participate actively in the work of the organization by developing or contributing to a specific program or project.

Internship Options

Internship possibilities are as diverse as Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies itself. Options might include, but are not limited to, organizations addressing issues concerning health care, the law, education, religion, globalization, immigration, eating disorders, poverty, racism, violence against women and sexuality.

Internship Approval

For a Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies internship to be approved, it must be demonstrated that the work you undertake will entail some specifically gender- or sexuality-related focus. You are encouraged to seek out an internship with an organization that you believe in and are committed to supporting with your energy and time.

There are several ways to pursue an academic internship:

Internship Funding

Students interested in pursuing an unpaid summer internship may be eligible to apply for the Rapaporte Summer Internship Grant. Grant recipients, however, may not receive academic credit for their internship.