Mesoud smiling at the camera, standing in front of green trees

Mesoud A. '23

Mesoud A. ’23

“Being Brandeisian means being contemplative on social, cultural, economic and political issues that local and global communities face.”


Las Vegas, Nevada



Activities on Campus 

Muslim Student Association 

Favorite Spot on Campus 

My dorm is my favorite place on campus because I make it feel like home. I go all out on decorating. I have an Ethiopian-style chair that reminds me of my family heritage, lights that produce a starry atmosphere that remind me of the desert, and always have good music playing from my speakers. I love sharing my space with my friends, listening to music and hanging out.

Favorite Restaurant on Moody Street 

I'm passionate about supporting small, local businesses. There are so many great spots on Moody Street, but Peshawri Kebabs is my favorite. It's a family-owned business that sells the best Pakistani food.

Why does Brandeis fit you?

Making intimate connections is so important to me, and I have made endless connections at Brandeis. Professors, students and everyone in the community get to know each other on a deeper level. This not only helps with engaging in class, but improves the overall campus experience. 

What has been your proudest accomplishment outside the classroom?

My proudest work is my nonprofit organization, Diaspora Capital Partners. Las Vegas is my hometown and favorite place. When my co-CEO and I realized there is a lack of capital to implement technology services for Black diaspora businesses, we knew we needed to start a nonprofit to make a difference.

Our goal is to provide Black diaspora-owned small businesses with the tools to thrive in the Las Vegas area and eventually nationally. We help owners create websites, market on social media, and expand their audience. I'm proud to say after building this nonprofit out of what felt like thin air, we're helping a community that means so much to me.

When did you know you made the right choice attending Brandeis?

I knew Brandeis was the right fit for me when I met Professor Edward Jay Bayone in his Business 10A course. We connected right away when we realized we had similar backgrounds growing up. He quickly became a mentor to me.

When I told him I was starting my own nonprofit organization, he was one of the first people to support me. He helped me build my confidence as a professional and now serves on my advisory board. He's someone I really appreciate and admire. 

What do you nerd out about? 

I love constantly listening to music, watching the Golden State Warriors and as many NBA games as possible, and adding to my sock collection. 

I tend to dress minimalistic in color and patterns, so my socks are my favorite outfit accessory. I purchase socks when I'm visiting new places or browsing an artist's new clothing collection, but they have to be unique. I have socks that feature paintings, national attractions and pop culture icons. My favorite pair features Vincent van Gogh's "The Starry Night."

My biggest passion, however, is focusing on economic development in Las Vegas. Even while I'm at Brandeis I try to stay up to date on the latest news and connect with local leaders when possible. 

Brandeisian means….

Being Brandeisian means being contemplative on social, cultural, economic and political issues that local and global communities face.

One piece of advice you'd give a first-year student 

Don't fear failure, as it is part of the process. Be bold, be innovative and most of all be ambitious, if you fail along the way at least you dared to try something no else would.