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The Schusterman Center for Israel Studies (SCIS), founded in 2007, is dedicated to promoting exemplary teaching and scholarship in Israeli politics, literature, the arts, history, culture, law, religion, society, and international relations at Brandeis University and beyond. The Center is committed to advancing knowledge and understanding of the modern State of Israel by training a new generation of scholars and teachers, building a vibrant academic community, and supporting research, publications, and conferences. In addition to housing its own multidisciplinary community of faculty, students and visiting guests, the Center also collaborates with academic departments, programs and centers across campus and at other institutions. We serve as a hub for the study of modern Israel from an array of comparative perspectives.

The Schusterman Center funds full and partial fellowships for doctoral students focusing on Israel Studies. These fellowships—granted through individual departments—are renewable, after review, for up to five years. The Schusterman Doctoral Fellowship includes:

  • A full tuition scholarship
  • Participation in the Summer Institute for Israel Studies
  • Individual health insurance coverage
  • A stipend of $36,000 per year for up to five years
  • Research funding is also available
Our graduate students work in a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields, and spring from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds. Geographically, they come from many countries, including Turkey, Egypt, China, Japan, Israel, as well as the USA. Upon completing their PhDs, many have taken up leadership roles in academic and governmental institutions around the world.

How to Apply

Students in the following departments may apply to become Schusterman Fellows: 

Please refer to the application requirements on the page for your program of interest.