Graduate students who interact with other students (either undergrad or grad) as TAs, CAs, or TFs, like faculty and staff, are considered “responsible reporters,” which means they have to report any incidences of discrimination that they witness or otherwise learn of while in their roles. In order to understand what this means, and to best respond, they need the following training:

  1. They need training from the Office of Equal Opportunity (related to discrimination, harassment & sexual violence).  
  2. They need bystander training (which is covered in Grad Affairs & PARC’s "Supporting Students Outside of Academics").

Where and how do I complete the required training?

All TAs, CAs, and TFs must complete 3-3.5 required hours of training. 

  1. Office of Equal Opportunity training
  2. Supporting Students Outside of Academics, hosted by the Prevention, Advocacy, Research Center (PARC) and the Office of Graduate Affairs (OGA)
  3. Teaching Support, hosted by the Center for Teaching and Learning
  4. International students who have not earned a previous degree from a US college or university are also required to complete an additional training on pedagogy in the American classroom, hosted by the Center for Teaching and Learning.

For the schedule of trainings for the Fall 2022 semester, please visit our First-Time TAs, CAs, and Graders page.