Undergraduate Research and Creative Collaborations

Connect with Undergraduate and Faculty Research Collaborators

Through ForagerOne, faculty can build their research teams by reviewing and responding to the undergraduates messages and applications they receive on the platform, as well as find and connect with other faculty for collaborative opportunities. Undergraduates can use the ForagerOne platform to find faculty mentors, research funding, and paid research assistant jobs at Brandeis.

Having a single central site through which Brandeis undergraduates can search for and contact faculty helps undergraduates navigate the process more easily and equitably. Students have reported that being able to message a faculty through ForagerOne reduces the barrier to contacting faculty and makes the process more transparent. 

The ForagerOne platform includes profiles of Brandeis Faculty engaged in research. These research profiles are pulled directly from the Brandeis faculty guide. (If you need to update your profile on the Faculty Guide, you may do so through Sage. Please note it takes up to a week for the information to make it from the Faculty Guide to ForagerOne.)

The step-by-step ForagerOne Faculty Tutorial below explains how faculty claim their research profiles, respond to inquiries from interested undergraduates, and connect with potential faculty research collaborators.

When a student messages you through the ForagerOne platform:

  • Students can use the ForagerOne platform to find Brandeis faculty engaged in research and creative projects. A student may send you a message through the ForagerOne platform to learn more about partnering with you on a research or creative project. You will get an email alert that there is a message.

When a student sends you an Application through the ForagerOne platform:

  • Students can apply to work with you as a Brandeis faculty mentor by submitting an Application to you through ForagerOne. Only accept the Student's Application if you agree to serve as the student's Faculty Mentor on a research or creative project.
  • Once you, the Faculty, accepts a student's Application, and the student accepts, the next step is to work with the student to identify and apply for any funding needed to support the proposed project.