Undergraduate Research and Creative Collaborations

Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium

Spring 2024 Undergraduate Research and Creative Collaborations Symposium
Thursday, May 2, 2024 from 12pm-5pm
Location: Hassenfeld Conference Center, Brandeis campus
Present your research at the 2024 URCC Symposium
Access the Apply to Present Survey here. Secure your spot and complete the survey by April 7, 2024.

The Undergraduate Research and Creative Collaborations Symposium is a rare opportunity to learn from and engage with students from all fields that represent our mission and strength as a liberal arts university. Undergraduate students will display and explain their research or creative work in different modalities:  posters, oral presentations, exhibits, performances, multimedia display, and more. All members of the Brandeis community are invited to attend.

After you apply to present, Submit your project abstract by April 15, 2024.
  • Learn more about how to write your Symposium abstract on the URCC abstract writing page.
  • Want peer feedback? Drop-in to an Abstract Writing Workshop, offered multiple times the week of April 1 and facilitated by URCC Peer Research Mentors.

To learn about projects presented at last year's 2023 URCC Symposium, view the booklet below.


What Students Say

"Getting to present my research at the URCC allowed me to know the joy of sharing my work with others! Even just seeing my poster printed, made me feel like I had done something worthwhile—something tangible and real. At the symposium, I loved getting to speak to my peers, professors, and loved-ones about my project and getting to share my knowledge with others. Since there weren’t other posters about [my topic], I got to feel like a momentary expert on the topic, and thrived in the confidence of knowing that I had something unique to share."

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Spring 2023 Symposium

Thanks to all who joined us for the Spring 2023 Symposium!

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