Undergraduate Research and Creative Collaborations

Find Brandeis Research Opportunities and Faculty Mentors

Are you a student interested in getting involved in research or creative projects at Brandeis, but don't know where to start?

Help is here! Visit the ForagerOne platform and login to find faculty mentors, funding and paid research assistant jobs at Brandeis.

  • After you have selected faculty you would like to work with, you can use the ForagerOne Messaging feature to contact them and learn more about partnering with them on a research or creative project.

  • Apply to work with a Brandeis faculty scholar: Prepare your research statement, transcript and resume and then submit an application through ForagerOne.

  • When a faculty accepts your application and you accept the invitation to partner with them, the next step is to work with the faculty scholar to identify and apply for any funding you may need to support your proposed project.

  • If a faculty declines your application, they may not have either space or time to accept an undergraduate collaborator at that time. You can still apply to work with another faculty.

The Video Tutorial for Students (below) explains how to use ForagerOne step-by-step.

ForagerOne Training for Students

Video Tutorial