Presentation Templates

Need a place to start? Here are links to some presentation templates and resources. See also the URCC Symposium pages on the Symposium online platform, Abstract writing, and Presentation tips for your oral presentation.

Poster templates

Make a 48" x 36" poster for the URCC Symposium. Posters this size can be printed at Brandeis via the Division of Science poste printing service. 48"x 36" posters will fit on the easels and posterboards available for the event. You can design your poster using a PowerPoint template. Convert the file to a PDF before you submit it for printing.

Templates for a 48" x 36" poster

Slide templates

Here is a link to a PowerPoint template for a slide presentation. The template is targeted toward science presentations, but the general principles can be applied to other fields of inquiry. You can find more tips on the SciComm website. (Scroll to the Presentation templates section.)

The URCC thanks the SciComm lab and Brandeis Library for these templates.