Jerry posing in front of a Lunar New Year banner

Jerry W. ’26


“I want students to learn more about Chinese culture, but I also want Chinese students to feel a sense of belonging here. I want them to feel at home at Brandeis.”


Shanghai, China


Applied mathematics, economics, and psychology


Brandeis Chinese Cultural Connection (BC3), Squash Club

Why did you choose Brandeis?

I spent high school studying in the states, outside of Boston. I really liked Boston and knew I wanted to be here. I applied to different schools in the area, but chose Brandeis because of the small class size. I knew I wanted to experience college on a small campus.

Why is the Brandeis Chinese Cultural Connection special to you?

As a Chinese student who’s studied in a foreign country since high school, I want to promote our culture.

During my first year, I joined as a member of the group’s events department. I actively participated in various events, including the annual Chinese New Year Gala and Mid-Autumn Festival Gala. I also initiated the Asian Dessert event, collaborating with other Intercultural Center (ICC) clubs, which has now become a traditional annual event.

Building on my first-year experience in the group, I aspired to take on a more significant role in managing and directing the event department to continue promoting Chinese culture. At the end of my first year, I ran for the position and successfully became the events director.

We hold events throughout the year, giving students the opportunity to come together to celebrate Chinese culture, such as enjoying traditional Chinese food or reuniting at our annual Spring Festival. I want students to learn more about Chinese culture, but I also want Chinese students to feel a sense of belonging here. I want them to feel at home at Brandeis.

How else are you involved on campus?

I’m also the Vice President of the Squash Club at Brandeis. It’s located all the way in the corner of campus, inside of the Gosman Sports Center. I’ve met some great friends through the group, including other international students, playing on the court.

What’s the best advice you’d give an incoming international student?

Don’t be afraid to talk to other people: both students and faculty members. Some of my friends studied in China for 18 years. Coming to university in the states as international students, some of them have been shy about making new friends and stepping out of their comfort zone.

It’s important to be brave and find the confidence to talk to other people. Don’t be afraid to ask your professor questions, whether it be something related to your coursework or life outside of the classroom. Brandeis professors are very nice.

Being Brandeisian means…

Studying hard while playing hard. It’s important for us to study hard and get a good grade, but it is also important to be happy and participate in life on campus, including sports and activities with friends.