Judy Appel
Grants Administrator
Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
kathy cook
Kathy Cook
Assistant to the Dean of Arts and Sciences
781-736-3454 Irving Presidential Enclave 101
ryan donahue
Ryan Donahue
Associate Director, Space & Building Operations
Space Planning, Projects, Facilities Concerns
melinda smiling
Melinda Hallisey
Brandeis Core Program Coordinator
781-736-2697 Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
Peggy Higgins
Peggy Higgins
Department Coordinator
781-736-2199 Irving Presidential Enclave 101
shannon kearns
Shannon Kearns
Associate Director for Operations, Administration and Budget
Staff-Related Concerns (hiring/transitions, performance, training needs, etc.); General Operations Questions
kathleen mcmahan
Kathleen McMahan
Department Administrator
781-736-3477 Irving Presidential Enclave 101
brian schutter
Brian Schutter
Budget Administrator 
781-736-4425 Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
joan shablin
Joan Shablin
Department Coordinator
781-736-2107 Irving Presidential Enclave 101
joan tarkulich
Joan Tarkulich
Program Administrator
781-736-2103 Bernstein-Marcus 73-12
traci walkup
Traci Walkup
Senior Budget Analyst
781-736-4652 Bernstein Marcus 12D
Payment for Faculty or Teaching