Schedule for May Department and School Council Meetings

Graduation Processes and Meetings May 2022

As there are yet many unknowns this spring, we are adjusting our process to be as flexible as possible.  This information is for May 2022.

The deadline for electronic verification of completion of all requirements for May 2022 graduate degrees, undergraduate majors and minors, and the determination of undergraduate departmental honors, is 11:00am, Tuesday, May 17.

Our office will provide access to electronic documents listing your May 2022 degree recipients where you must indicate the completion of requirements and the level of departmental honors for undergraduates. These documents will be provided on, or before, May 11 to your department/program administrators with additional instructions on how to complete the forms. Your administrators will be able to share access with others in the department/program as necessary.

Departments and programs are responsible for scheduling all meetings (whether virtual or in-person) that are necessary to complete their reviews on or before 11:00am Tuesday, May 17.

The primary advisors of Independent Interdisciplinary majors will be contacted directly by Gwen Conner to confirm completion and honors for their students.

As soon as the department/program has verified the completion status of their students, the department/program administrator must email notification that their process is complete to We will review the documents for accuracy and completeness and will contact the administrator with any questions.

Department chairs may raise any questions or problems related to the recommendations of the department to their Division Chair.

The Division Chairs will report the status of the Division (any issues, or the lack thereof) directly to the University Registrar before noon, Wednesday, May 18. The University Registrar will act as their proxy for recommending undergraduate degree candidates to the Committee on Academic Standing on May 18. (If there are issues requiring resolution by the Committee, the relevant Division Chairs may be asked to participate in the meeting.)

Faculty should refrain from informing students about the award of honors until after the Faculty Meeting on Thursday, May 19. 

Summary of Events Regarding the Voting of Degrees

May 17-19, 2022

All Faculty

Department / Program Chairs

Division Chairs