University Bulletin Revisions

Instructions for Updating the Provisional Bulletin

To submit revisions to the University Bulletin, please review the University Bulletin undergraduate and graduate sections for your department or program. The Provisional Bulletin contains the most up-to-date information on your major, minor and degree requirements.

Copy your department’s or program’s Bulletin section into a Word document and enable Track Changes. All revisions and corrections can be made directly in the Word document and submitted electronically to Andrew Marx. The registrar’s office provides a Word document of your current Bulletin section upon request.

Changes to the 2020-21 Provisional Bulletin will appear online beginning the week of Jan. 27, 2020.

Round 1: Due Jan. 27, 2020

Introductory Material

Submit updates to Objectives, Learning Goals, How to Become a Major or Minor, and How to Be Admitted to the Graduate Program or Postbaccalaureate program during Round 1 beginning Jan. 27, 2020. New course approvals are also accepted during Round 1.

Round 2: Due March 2, 2020

Requirements for the Minor, Major or Degree

Submit updates to Requirements for the Minor, Major or Graduate or Postbaccalaureate Degrees by March 2, 2020. New course approvals are also accepted during Round 2, as well as information not updated during Round 1.

Degree requirements must be accurate, as we are legally bound by the information published in the University Bulletin. Proposed changes to undergraduate requirements must be approved by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Changes to graduate requirements must be presented to the Graduate School Council.

Round 3: Due April 17, 2020

Additional Revisions 

All revisions to the University Bulletin not yet submitted must be received by the registrar’s office by the Round 3 deadline of April 17, 2020, to guarantee inclusion in the final 2020-21 edition. The only exception is faculty, chair and UAH listings that are not known by the deadline.

Courses That Have Not Been Offered in Four Years

A course that has not been offered in four years will be made inactive in the course catalog in accordance with accreditation requirements. This is automatic unless the department includes the course on the proposed schedule of classes by the submission deadline.

Please review the Submission calendar/key dates document for deadlines.