Senior Extended Credit

A student who has completed eight semesters of study at Brandeis (or the equivalent in the case of transfer students) and who has earned a minimum of 120 semester-course credits (equivalent to 30 four-credit courses) is eligible for extended credit status. This status allows completion of required course work only. Grades will not be transferred.

Students who do not meet the above criteria (eight semesters and 120 course credits) are not eligible for this option and must petition for a ninth semester in residence through the Office of Academic Services. Seniors should contact Aicha Tavares ( in the Office of the University Registrar to confirm that they qualify for this option and to complete an extended credit application. 

Extended credit courses may be taken over the summer (at Brandeis or elsewhere) or during the academic year either at Brandeis, with tuition being charged on a per-course basis, or at another university (if the student has not already transferred in the maximum number of courses allowed). 

Award and Posting

The award and posting of extended credit is dependent upon the following:

  1. Prior approval by the Office of the University Registrar of the courses to be taken.
  2. Minimum grade requirement for courses taken while on extended credit (B-minus for summer courses, C-minus for courses during the academic year).
  3. The receipt by the Office of the University Registrar of an official transcript from the school where any extended credit courses were completed.

Summer Courses

Summer courses must meet additional summer session requirements:

  1. Acceptable summer sessions comprise a minimum of five weeks and 37 contact hours; foreign language courses require 52 contact hours.
  2. A student may earn credit for no more than three semester courses in a single summer; two courses in a single summer session.

Students who complete their course work on extended credit status are awarded their degrees at the end of the first term following the evaluation and posting of the extended credit to their academic records. Degrees are awarded three times a year: at May commencement, Aug. 31 and Feb. 1.

Students who qualify for extended credit, have returned their extended credit application to Gwen Conner in the Office of the University Registrar and would like to petition to take courses outside of Brandeis University, must:  

  1. Complete the online extended credit petition form. You may petition for up to two courses at a time. (Lecture and lab sequences are considered separate courses. Please enter the information for each lecture and lab separately.)
  2. Upload a course syllabus to your petition. If a current syllabus is not available, you can upload the syllabus for a different semester as long as the course content is the same.
  3. Online courses require additional information.

A written approval or denial will be given within five to seven business days. Students are advised not to take a course for which written approval has not been received.

Once approved extended credit courses are complete, submit your final transcript to the following address:

Aicha Tavares
Office of the University Registrar
Brandeis University
415 South Street, MS 068
Waltham, MA 02453