Requesting Changes to Course Schedules

Changes to Your Course Schedule

Prior to a compliance check, please submit in the Google Course Scheduler all courses intended to be offered, including courses going through the course approval process and are not yet in the course catalog (NEW), courses that were inactive (MAKE ACTIVE), and courses being renumbered. Additional instructions on using the Google Course Scheduler are available from the Registrar’s office website.

Upon completion of the initial entry of your course schedule for AY 20-21, the registrar’s office will run a compliance check on your submission and send you recommended and required changes. Any changes after the compliance check should be requested in the Google Course Scheduler based on the instructions below. 

Instructions for Submitting Changes

  1. On the tab for fall or spring, please update your proposed class schedule for the next academic year by entering each change on a new row.
  2. In the Request Change to Schedule column, select the option from the drop down. You may:
    • Add a course to the schedule (Add to the Schedule)
    • Indicate a course is no longer being offered (No Longer Being Offered)
    • Add or remove an instructor (Add Instructor, Remove Instructor)
    • Request a new block (Request a New Block)
    • Revise a title or description (Revise Title or Description)
    • Update the enrollment limit (Update Enrollment Limit)
    • Make another request and provide the details in the Comments column


  1. Write in the Date and Name of Requester in the columns provided.
  2. Add the Subject Area and Course Number (and Section if applicable) on the row and then in the appropriate detail column, indicate the detail of the change being requested.
  3. Repeat this process for all changes to fall and spring term on the appropriate tab.
  4. The Registrar’s office will review your request and indicate whether it was approved or denied in the Registrar Decision
    • Changes that are marked "approved" will be entered into Sage.
    • Changes marked "denied" may be followed up by a request for supporting information or a written rationale.
    • Requests solely for classroom assignments may be marked "under review."
    • Requests to add an instructor who does not have a current appointment may be marked "pending."

Please note that the Registrar Decision column is for registrar staff to update only. We ask that you do not write in this space.

All requests are subject to approval by the registrar’s office. Requests should be made one per row, and if multiple changes are being made to the same course, you may use more than one row.

The Office of the University Registrar reserves the right to assign any classroom to any class offered during the term regardless of department or location on campus.

Courses outside the block system

The block system makes specific provisions for the scheduling of science laboratory courses, studio art, and language courses. These courses must be scheduled in accordance with these provisions. All other courses are to be offered in strict compliance with the block system. To request an exception from this provision, please provide a memo outlining your request and a detailed explanation of why an out-of-block assignment is being requested. In most cases, out-of-block classes will not be scheduled by the university registrar in university-shared classrooms. Obtaining a space for an out-of-block class is the responsibility of the instructor or department.