Anti-Racism Plan

The Department of Student Engagement has read, reviewed, and discussed the demands and progress of the Black Action Plan. Over the recent years, the formerly separate departments of Community Service and Student Activities engaged in numerous conversations centered around social identities, race, and the lived experiences of the students that engage (or may not engage) in our programs and we acknowledge that we have room for growth.

Through engagement in conversations, training, and as always, listening to the voices of our community, each former department outlined some action steps for us to continue to ensure we are inclusive, anti-racist, and that our values, core competencies, and learning outcomes are embodied by each of our campus and community partners. These anti-racism plans included below outline a glimpse into the commitments we made to address the gaps in training/professional development of our staff and students, policies, programs, and communication in response to the Black Action Plan.

As we move forward as one department, we have begun to create a new framework that combines the commitments of our former areas and addresses the ongoing conversations, programming, leadership, and direction of our new team. We seek the partnership of our students, staff and faculty colleagues, community partners, and alumni in this important work. The finalized anti-racism plan for the Department of Student Engagement will be available on this page later this semester.

2021 Anti-Racism Plan Frameworks