Jerome A. Schiff Undergraduate Fellowship FAQs

What is the time commitment?

The project should span the entire academic year (both Fall and Spring Semesters). Depending on the nature of your project, your time commitment may fluctuate or remain consistent throughout the year. Some Fellows begin their projects in the summer and use a portion of their stipend to finance housing. Most Fellows and Mentors meet at least once a week for an hour.

What is an appropriate use of the stipend?

Fellows have used their $2,000 stipend for different purposes, including buying computer hardware and software; books; travel allowances, lodging and related expenses when attending an out-of-town conference; lab supplies; and payment for experimental subjects. Mentors are awarded a reimbursement of $500 for general research or teaching expenses, which need not be related to the project. Stipends are taxable according to IRS regulations.

With whom will I share my findings?

All Schiff Fellows are asked to present their research and/or project at the Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium. Fellows are also encouraged to talk with their mentors about ways to co-publish or present their work in academic journals, for the public, and/or at conferences.

What kinds of things do Fellows and Mentors do in the program?

A sampling of the kinds of activities Fellows have experienced with their Mentors over the past ten years includes:

What have past Fellows said about the program?

Here are some reflections former Fellows have offered about their experiences in the Schiff Undergraduate Fellows Program: