Step 1: Verify Citizenship

Please encourage your faculty to inform you as soon as possible when they are intending to bring in foreign nationals (including Canadians). This will give the ISSO the time to prepare the necessary immigration documents they will need to obtain their nonimmigrant visas and enter the U.S. 

We recommend that departments allot at least 3 months for foreign nationals to obtain appropriate visas and arrive at Brandeis.

The first step to appoint a foreign national is for the department to determine the Citizenship of the Appointee.

If the Appointee is NOT a U.S. Citizen

If the appointee is not a U.S. citizen (which includes Canadian citizens since they must have the same documentation as other foreign nationals), the department needs to find out if the appointee is currently in the U.S.  

If the appointee is in the U.S., the department needs to find out the appointee's current visa status by obtaining copies of their current visa documents.  Visa documents include copies of the passport identity page and expiration page, the front and back of I-94 departure record card, the U.S. entry visa, and the Certificate of Eligibility (or COE).  For F-1 visa holders, the COE is the Form 1-20; for J-1 visa holders, the DS-2019; and for H-1B visa holders, the Form I-797 Approval Notice.

If the Appointee is a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

If the appointee is a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident (which includes individuals who have a "Green Card," Alien Registration number/card, or an immigrant visa), the department does not need to notify or work with the ISSO.