J-1 Academic Training

Academic Training (AT) is an off-campus employment option available to students in J-1 status to gain practical experience in their major field of study. AT may be paid or unpaid.

J-1 students may be eligible to apply for AT either before or after they complete their degree or exchange program.

Any J-1 student interested in pursuing AT is encouraged to contact their ISSO advisor to discuss AT eligibility and application process.

Note: The ISSO is only able to authorize AT for J-1 students sponsored by Brandeis University. If your J-1 Program Sponsor (institution/organization listed in Item #2 of the DS-2019) is not Brandeis University, you must contact your Program Sponsor to confirm if you will be eligible for AT and to coordinate the process for obtaining AT from your program sponsor.

Pre-Completion AT

Pre-Completion AT authorization allows J-1 students to work off-campus, part-time while classes are in session and full-time during vacation periods (summer, winter break, etc.). To be eligible for Pre-Completion AT a student must have completed at least one semester at Brandeis. 

Post-Completion AT

Post-Completion AT authorization allows J-1 student to work off-campus, part or full-time after their program or degree completion.

J-1 students may not begin AT employment until they have received a new updated Form DS-2019 and an employment authorization letter from their Program Sponsor. Working without authorization is a serious violation of your J-1 status and could result in the loss of benefits granted to J-1 students.