J-1 Academic Training

Academic Training (AT) is an off-campus training opportunity available to eligible students in J-1 status to gain practical experience in their major field of study. Academic Training is authorized by your J-1 Program Sponsor. J-1 students sponsored by Brandeis University should work with their International Student Advisor for AT authorization and J-1 students sponsored by other organizations must work with their sponsor directly.

Academic Training must:

  • Be considered an integral or critical part of the student's academic program.
  • Consist of bona fide training activities that are connected to a substantial academic framework, and are designed to expose the student to the operations in their field of study.
  • Not require more than 40% (2 out of 5 days) remote work

Additional Guidance from the U.S. Department of State:

Exchange Visitors should seek primarily substantive roles for Academic Training (e.g., shadowing managers, participating in project design, management, or event planning) that involve no more than infrequent non-substantive tasks (e.g., housekeeping, bussing tables, serving food).  


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