International Students and Scholars Office


There are limited opportunities for eligible international students and new graduates to work on campus and/or to gain practical experience in their major fields of study.

To be eligible for On-Campus Employment, you must be in valid immigration status and be enrolled full-time during the academic year.

All off-campus employment for F-1 students including Curricular Practical Training (CPT), Optional Practical Training (OPT), STEM OPT,  Cap Gap Extension, and Economic Hardship has specific eligibility requirements, application processes, limitations and require prior authorization.

Failure to obtain proper authorization, even for a volunteer or unpaid position, may result in a violation of status.

All employment for J-1 students including On-Campus Employment and Academic Training (AT) require authorization. Individuals in J-2 status are also eligible to apply for J-2 Employment Authorization.


A Note of Caution: Students should not begin any off-campus employment (paid or unpaid) before obtaining employment authorization. Working off-campus without employment authorization is a serious violation of student status and could have a significant impact on your immigration status, academic goals,  and future entries to the U.S.

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