Permanent Residence ("Green Card")

All petitions for Permanent Residents ("Green Cards") for teaching faculty (tenured or tenure-track) and senior research staff (Research Associate or above) must be approved in advance only by the Provost.

Application for Brandeis-sponsored, employment-based Permanent Residency is coordinated through the ISSO and accompanied by a referral to an authorized immigration attorney.

For more information regarding Brandeis' Permanent Residence Policy, please see the Brandeis Permanent Residency Policies and Procedures below or contact Jodi Hanelt, ISSO Director, by phone at 781-736-3480 or via email.

Policies and Procedures for Permanent Residency Petitions by Foreign National Academic Personnel

Foreign Nationals who wish to obtain Permanent Residence (“Green Card”) status on the basis of their continuing positions (tenured or tenure-track faculty, or senior research staff positions), must petition Brandeis University as their employer for its support. This memo outlines the policies by which Brandeis determines whether to support foreign faculty or senior research staff for Permanent Residence and the procedures one must follow.

Immigration regulations stipulate that employers may sponsor foreign national employees for Permanent Residence status only if both of the following conditions exist:

  1. The position is permanent (expected to last at least two years into the future);

  2. The employee intends to remain in the position indefinitely.

If both conditions do not exist, Permanent Residence may not be undertaken. Grant-funded positions may be considered “permanent” as long as grant funds are available for at least two years into the future.



It is University policy to support Permanent Residence petitions for incoming tenured or tenure-track faculty members who:

  1. Have been selected within the past 18 months as the result of a competitive academic search; or

  2. Meet the criteria of “outstanding professor” (see checklist).

It is not University policy to support Permanent Residence petitions for lecturers or other temporary faculty appointees.


It is University policy to support Permanent Residence petitions for senior research staff members who:

  1. Been employed by Brandeis for a minimum of two years;

  2. Have job offers of at least two years into the future; and

  3. Meet the criteria of “outstanding researcher” (see checklist).

It is not University policy to support Permanent Residence petitions neither for postdoctoral research fellows nor for other temporary appointees.


A request that the University support the Permanent Residence petition of a foreign national faculty or senior research staff member must be submitted in writing by the department chair to the Provost. The request should establish that both the job to be filled and the individual intended to fill it meet Brandeis’ policy criteria for Permanent Residence as stated above. If the University is being asked to support a petition for a member of the faculty or senior research staff who does not meet these criteria, the letter from the department chair to the Provost must document fully the reasons why an exception to University policy is being requested.

If the University agrees to support a petition, the foreign national will be so notified in a letter from the Provost, with a copy to the department chair. Once authorized, the petitioner will be instructed to retain the services of one of a number of immigration attorneys who have been authorized to represent Brandeis University in immigration matters. This list is available from the International Students and Scholars Office (781-736-3480; or via email). Applicants may not use an attorney not on the authorized list. The foreign national applicant will be responsible for all costs and legal fees connected with the Permanent Residence petition.

In no case may an individual faculty member or department chair sign a Permanent Residence petition as the employer/representative of Brandeis University; such authorization signatures must be done by the Provost. Any petitions filed without the signature of the Provost will not be honored by Brandeis, and the University will not be responsible for any legal action or damages that may result.

If you have any questions regarding the policies or procedures outlined above, please feel free to contact Jodi Hanelt, Director of the International Students and Scholars Office, by phone (781-736-3480) or via email.