Module Dates 2019-2020

Fall 2019  -  Module 1 : 

     Aug.28  through Oct.22
      (Note: Thurs.Oct.3 & Tues.Oct.15 are Monday class schedules, and Monday and Tuesday Module 1 class exams are on Oct.28 and Oct.29.)
Mondays Sept.9, Sept.16, Sept.23, Oct.3, Oct.7, Oct.15, Oct.28 (exam),
Tuesdays Sept.3, Sept.10, Sept.17, Sept.24, Oct.8, Oct.22, Oct.29 (exam)
Wednesdays Aug.28, Sept.4, Sept.11, Sept.18, Sept.25, Oct.2, Oct.16 (exam)
Thursdays Aug.29, Sept.5, Sept.12, Sept.19, Sept.26, Oct.10, Oct.17 (exam)
Fridays Aug.30, Sept.6, Sept.13, Sept.20, Sept.27, Oct.4, Oct.11 (exam)

Fall 2019  -  Module 2 :

Oct. 23 through Dec. 10 - any final exams are scheduled by the Registrar's office during Exam Week Dec.12-19

(Note: there are no Module 2 classes on Oct 28 and Oct 29.)

Mondays Nov.4, Nov.11, Nov.18, Nov.25, Dec.2, Dec.9
Tuesdays Nov.5, Nov.12, Nov.19, Nov.26, Dec.3, Dec.10
Wednesdays Oct.23, Oct.30, Nov.6, Nov.13, Nov.20, Dec.4
Thursdays Oct.24, Oct.31, Nov.7, Nov.14, Nov.21, Dec.5
Fridays Oct.25, Nov.1, Nov.8, Nov.15, Nov.22, Dec.6

Spring 2020  -  Module 1 :

Jan. 13 through Mar. 9

Mondays Jan.13, Jan.27, Feb.3, Feb.10, Feb.24, Mar.2, Mar.9(exam)
Tuesdays Jan.14, Jan.21, Jan.28, Feb.4, Feb.11, Feb.25, Mar.3(exam)
Wednesdays Jan.15, Jan.22, Jan.29, Feb.5, Feb.12, Feb.26, Mar.4(exam)
Thursdays Jan.16, Jan.23, Jan.30, Feb.6, Feb.13, Feb.27, Mar.5(exam)
Fridays Jan.17, Jan.24, Jan.31, Feb.7, Feb.14, Feb.28, Mar.6(exam)

Spring 2020  -  Module 2 :

Mar.10 through Apr. 29 - any final exams are scheduled by the Registrar's office during Exam Week May 4 - 12

(Note: Apr. 7 is a Brandeis Thursday when Thursday classes meet.)
Mondays Mar.16, Mar.23, Mar.30, Apr.6, Apr.20, Apr.27
Tuesdays Mar.10, Mar.17, Mar.24, Mar.31, Apr.21, Apr.28
Wednesdays Mar.11, Mar.18, Mar.25, Apr.1, Apr.22, Apr.29
Thursdays Mar.12, Mar.19, Mar.26, Apr.2, Apr.7, Apr.23
Fridays Mar.13, Mar.20, Mar.27, Apr.3, Apr.17, Apr.24