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Consortium Student Cross-Registration Procedures

Full-time students who attend a consortium school may elect to cross-register for one course per semester at Brandeis, subject to any additional restrictions imposed by their home school.

Important Dates for Cross-registration

Consortium students who want to cross-register at Brandeis University cannot do so until the start of registration. Please consult the academic calendar for registration dates. Any registration forms received prior to the start of registration will not be processed, regardless of the registration period of the consortium school. Cross-registration forms are not accepted during early registration.

Courses Requiring Instructor Permission

Consortium students registering for a closed class or a class that requires permission, must bring an e-mail stating the instructor's permission, a permission number provided by the instructor, or a signed cross-registration form with the instructor's signature to our office, Kutz 121, to be registered for the course.

Any registrations requiring instructor's permission that are received without a signature or permission number will not be processed. It is the student's responsibility to know which classes require instructor permission and to obtain permission prior to attempting to register for the class.

Adding a Cross-Registered Class at Brandeis University

To start the cross-registration process, the student must obtain the cross-registration form from their home institution and the signature of the cross-registration coordinator. (Without permission from their home institution, the student will not be allowed to complete the registration process at Brandeis.) Then the student needs to obtain the signature of the instructor as required before bringing the completed form to the Brandeis Office of the University Registrar. Once at the registrar’s office, the student will need to show a photo ID and supply a local address and other contact information in order to cross-register.

Students Who Have Not Previously Registered at Brandeis

Any consortium student who has not previously registered at Brandeis University must come to the Brandeis Office of the University Registrar to enroll in courses with a photo ID. The University Registrar is located in Kutz 121. In person enrollment for students who have not previously registered at Brandeis is required regardless of the cross-registration policy of the consortium school.

Dropping a Cross-Registered Class at Brandeis University

Should a student wish to drop a cross-registered class, the student must first inform the instructor (and obtain the instructor’s signature, if required), go in person to the Brandeis Office of the University Registrar to drop the class and then bring a copy of the completed drop form to their home institution's registrar’s office to finalize the drop process. Note: Failure to drop the course properly may result in a negative notation on the student’s transcript.

Due to differences in academic calendars among the colleges in the consortium, it is not advisable for graduating seniors to enroll in a cross-registered course in their final semester.

All cross-registered students are subject to the rules and regulations of Brandeis.

Questions should be directed to Haydee Vazquez