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Brandeis University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Academic Year

The academic year consists of fall and spring terms. The summer undergraduate program consists of two five-week sessions. The Master of Business Administration (Heller) summer program consists of two six-week sessions. The academic year for Rabb School of Continuing Studies consists of three 10-week terms: fall, spring and summer. Other graduate summer programs vary in length.

Course Characteristics

Graduate and undergraduate courses normally meet for the equivalent of three 50-minute sessions per week.

Course Suffixes

“A” and “B” denote semester courses; “D” denotes a year course and is worth eight credits. “C” denotes a yearlong course worth four credits; “E” denotes an intensive course worth eight credit hours taught within a single semester; and “F” denotes a half-semester course worth two credits. “G” denotes a quarter-course with one credit. “AJ” or “BJ” denotes a Justice Brandeis semester course. Continuing Studies courses normally meet for the equivalent of three hours per week and carry three semester hours of credit.

Course Numbering Systems

Course Numbers Category
1-99 For undergraduates
100-199 For advanced undergraduates and graduate students
200-299 For graduate students (undergraduates only with special permission)
300-399 Primarily independent study and reading courses for graduate students
400-450 Dissertation research courses
500-601 Registration in terms of time. A device permitting study that bypasses formal courses. For advanced students who have completed course work and residence requirements but are finishing other degree requirements.
650 Continuation to the doctorate. For students who have been granted an extension to complete the degree.


Brandeis students have cross-registration privileges with several schools. Courses taken at these schools have a subject code of 9CRG. Grades from courses taken through cross-registration are not included in computing the GPA.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit applied toward a Brandeis degree appears with the source, the subject area of the course(s) and the aggregate credits awarded from that source for the given term. Aggregate credits appear as a course notation with the subject code of 2TRF.

Grading System

The basic grading system consists of letter grades as follows, with a plus or minus if appropriate: A (high distinction), B (distinction), C (satisfactory), D (passing but unsatisfactory) and E (failure). A “P” (pass) is assigned for performance at the C-level or higher. Prior to September 2011, a “P” was assigned for performance at the D-level or higher. Other valid grades are CR (credit), NC (no credit), W (dropped), WL (dropped belatedly), S (satisfactory), U (unsatisfactory), XI, EI, I (incomplete), XA, EA (absent from final examination) and NG or blank (no grade submitted). Z is an administrative notation. Graduate students may audit courses, an option denoted by “AU.”

GPAs are calculated using only Brandeis courses with letter grades of A through E.

The numerical equivalents of the grades as determined by the faculty are: A (A+) = 4.00; A-minus = 3.67; B-plus = 3.33; B = 3.00; B-minus = 2.67; C-plus = 2.33; C = 2.00; C-minus = 1.67; D-plus = 1.33; D = 1.00; D-minus = 0.67 and E = 0.00.

Records Policy

As required by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), information contained in this document is confidential and may not be released to a third party without the written consent of the individual whose record it is.

An authentic transcript bears a dark blue border on all four sides on a light blue field. A transcript guide appears on the reverse side. The transcript will also contain a global watermark, which can be seen under light. If the transcript is copied, the word “COPY” will appear on the face of the document. A black-and-white or color copy is not official and should not be accepted as an official Brandeis University document. A raised seal is not required.

The current version of Brandeis University’s official transcript has been in effect since late December 2013. The official transcripts generated prior to this version did not include GPA information for graduate students and were printed in landscape format.

To Test for Authenticity: Translucent globe icons MUST be visible from both sides when held toward a light source. The face of this transcript is printed on blue SCRIP-SAFE® paper. An official signature is white on a blue background. Reject document if signature is distorted. The institutional name and the word COPY appear on alternate rows as a latent image. When this paper is touched by fresh liquid bleach, an authentic document will stain. A black-and-white or color copy of this document is not an original and should not be accepted as an official institutional document. A raised seal is not required. This document cannot be released to a third party without the written consent of the student. This is in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. If you have any questions about this document, please contact our office at 781-736-2010. ALTERATION OF THIS DOCUMENT MAY BE A CRIMINAL OFFENSE!