Health Leave of Absence

A student may petition to take a health leave of absence for up to one year for personal health or family health reasons.

Students must contact the Office of Academic Services to begin the medical leave of absence process. International students should also be in contact with the International Students and Scholars Office to review the effects of a reduced course load on their visa status.

The following transfer credit policy applies to students on an approved health leave of absence. Within the maximum of 16 credits from external sources, students on approved leave for health reasons may take two courses (eight credits) per semester for a maximum of four courses (16 credits). Course credits may count toward the 128 credits needed for graduation as defined in the academic residency requirement. 

This policy does not apply to students taking a Health Deferral. For students on a Health Deferral, please review the policy regarding College Work done while in High School/Gap Year/Health Deferral.

Minimum Transfer Credit Requirements for Fall/Spring Courses

Minimum Transfer Credit Requirements for Summer Courses

Taking Courses Outside Brandeis

Students who are on an approved health leave of absence and would like to petition to take courses outside of Brandeis University must:

  1. Complete the online petition to transfer courses taken while on a health leave of absence. You may petition for up to two courses at a time. (Lecture and lab sequences are considered separate courses. Please enter the information for each lecture and lab separately.)
  2. You will be required to upload a course syllabus for each course. If a current syllabus is not available, you can upload the syllabus for a different semester as long as the course content is the same. 
  3. Online courses require additional information.
  4. You must submit a final transcript to the Office of the University Registrar after the courses are complete.

A written approval or denial will be given as soon as possible. Students are advised not to take a course for which written approval has not been received.

Please note: Credit is granted based on the principle of “equivalent course load.” Please see below for a detailed explanation.

The Principle of Equivalent Course Load

Brandeis does not measure progress towards the degree in terms of “semester hours” or “quarter hours.” Units such as these are converted to “semester courses” according to the formula below: