Summer Housing General Information

Applications for Stay Past Closing and Summer Housing open on Monday, April 11, 2022 on MyHousing

  1. Stay Past Closing Request: Students who are requesting to stay on campus past May 18 but can depart by May 23.
  2. Transitional Housing: Students who are requesting to stay on campus past May 18 but can depart by June 5 and students who are also applying for Summer Housing.
  3. Summer Employee Housing: Students who are employed by Brandeis and will be working over the Summer.
  4. Summer School and JBS Housing: Students who are taking classes, are involved in an approved Brandeis Summer Program or are a part of the JBS Program. (You only need to be enrolled in a course over the course of the summer, you do not need a course each individual term)

Students seeking summer housing that are not enrolled in classes, JBS, or not working for the University can still apply for using option 4! However, you must have some type of commitment over the summer that can be verified by a supervisor. For example an internship in the area, a thesis project with a professor, a local job or responsibility that requires you to be in Waltham. - Supervisors must email us and verify this work in order for you to be approved to be on campus over the summer.

Summer housing is available for current Brandeis students who are enrolled in Brandeis Summer School, enrolled in a Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS) program, other Brandeis Summer Programs or employed at Brandeis.

Dates, locations, and costs for summer housing will depend on the program. Please see each program’s page for information on housing policies and the application process.

Meal Plans

Summer Session and Transitional Session Meal Plan info:

Summer prices for guest meals served in the residential dining facilities are as follows:

* Plus applicable taxes, if any. Prices are in effect as long as the dining hall is open. For large groups, please contact Brandeis Hospitality in advance.

Students living in Summer School Housing (Skyline) are required to be on a summer meal plan. Students living in Summer Employee Housing (Foster Mods) are not required to be on a plan.

Important Dates