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Live Availability*

This section is only available during Room Selection and will be updated before the 2023-24 process begins!

Study Abroad Room Selection

Sophomore Room Selection*

Upperclass Room Selection*

Pages are active only on the day of selection! Active pages will refresh every 30 minutes. What you see for beds available inside MyHousing is updated in real-time. There is a delay in our ability to push that information to this online view.

*The first two days of each process will have a "fill restriction" enabled, meaning you must fill all bed spaces with your matched roommate group. The final day of Sophomore and Upperclass Room Selection will not have "fill restrictions" on spaces, meaning any bed space can be picked without the requirement to fill the overall space. (You can pick one room in a multi-room suite/apartment, or one bedspace in a multi-bed room.)

There is no guarantee that there will be beds available at your selection time in ANY process. If you are not able to select, you automatically become part of the "Pending Assignment" process, and as such, we will reach out with next steps.

Pending Assignments and Waitlist

  • May 2023: Pending assignments
  • End of May 2023, early June 2023: Waitlist assignments begin