Living Green

The Department of Community Living is committed to providing students with information and resources on how to live sustainably while a Brandeis student. We encourage all students to monitor and reduce their energy consumption within the residence halls. Each hall at Brandeis is provided with a recycling bin to assist students with the proper disposal of their recyclable waste. Additionally, students are provided with LED light bulbs when possible.

Community Living works closely with the campus sustainability initiative. Eco-Reps in each living community facilitate programs and instruct residents on how to live more environmentally friendly.


Did you know that the average campus recycling rate is 40%, while Brandeis's is only 20%? Sustainable Brandeis reports that in fiscal year 2016, the university used 10% less energy on campus and reduced its carbon footprint by approximately 8% over fiscal year 2015.

We are working hand-in-hand with our fantastic custodial staff to make sure that across campus, including in your halls, recycling bins are next to trash bins, and consistent, informative signs are posted that tell you what you can recycle, and what must be trash — the bin of last resort.

Please help us reach our goal by making sure you read the signs and recycle everything you can! Read more about how to handle one-off items (like e-waste).