East Quad

Found in a quiet wooded area of upper campus, East Quad is primarily home to a mix of sophomores, first-year and midyear students.

East residence hall

East Quad is comprised of four sections with six names: Hassenfeld-Krivof, Shapiro House, Pomerantz-Rubenstein and Swig, yet students refer to the main residence hall buildings as Hassenfeld and Pomerantz.

East Quad is conveniently located across the street from Gosman Sports Center and steps away from the Health Center and the Intercultural Center. East was designed to maximize the potential of the residence living environment to become a tight-knit community. With open lounges on most floors, extended corridors, a community kitchen and large common areas, life in East is anything but dull. The top floors of East also provide residents with a clear, breathtaking view of the Boston skyline.


East Quad has 13 Community Advisors (CAs) who engage residents in establishing active living and learning environments where each individual is invested in promoting the success and safety of all members of the community. CAs create and execute programs, address student concerns and support the community when issues arise.

East and Skyline have one full-time live-in professional Area Coordinator (AC), and one part-time live-in graduate student Assistant Area Coordinator (AAC). The AC and AAC supervise the CAs, manage the residence halls and hold regular office hours in the Community Living office.


East contains both single- and mixed-gender rooms. The halls are a traditional style with single and double rooms. The singles are 100 to 140 square feet, and the doubles are approximately 200 square feet.


Residents of East have access to laundry machines, a number of open lounges on each floor, a large central lounge with a TV and cardio room, and a community kitchen.

The Airplane Lounge is available for reservation by registered student groups.