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Brandeis’ beautiful 235-acre campus offers the best of both worlds — safety and security, as well as quick and easy access to Boston. The majority of Brandeis’ 3,700 undergraduate students live on campus each year.

The Department of Community Living cultivates an inclusive, diverse, and symbiotic living and learning environment in all of our residence halls. We empower our community members to respectfully challenge each other and engage in opportunities of holistic enrichment through critical thinking, constructive dialogue, and leadership development.

At Brandeis, you will reside with diverse people who share your interests, some of whom will introduce you to new experiences, and several you will call friends for the rest of your life.

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Important Dates

October 9 - October 13
Community Council Nominations Open
October 10 - October 27
Fall Health and Safety Inspections in Residence Halls
October 16 - October 17
Community Council Elections
October 18
Community Council Run-Off Elections (If Needed)
October 23
Community Council Executive Board Meetings Begin
November 1
Last Day To Wifhdraw from Spring 2018 Housing Without Penalty
November 3
Midyear Housing Application Deadline
November 10
Returning Student Spring 2018 Housing Deadline