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Define Your Character: Become a CA! Community Advisor Recruitment and Selection Season Begins Now!

We begin the process of looking for talented, creative, thoughtful and interpersonally strong Brandeis students to become Community Advisors — and starting now, we are looking for both Spring 2020 and 2020-2021 academic year CA positions!

Community Advisors are educators, community builders, connectors to campus resources, DCL team members, peer mentors, paraprofessionals and so much more! Becoming part of the Community Advisor program gives you access to a second family at Brandeis and an amazing leadership opportunity that provides transferable skills that will serve you for a lifetime! We pride ourselves on being one of the most diverse and talented group of student leaders at Brandeis, and we are eager to bring more amazing people into the fold to take their places in our residential communities across campus!

The process starts with our search for new Community Advisors to fill spaces left vacant by departing CAs in January in the final weeks of the semester; in January, our focus shifts to securing our returning CAs.

Application Instructions
  • All of our application forms are hosted on Qualtrics — these forms allow you to go back and forth between pages and will save your progress provided you are using the same computer each time you access the form. Completing multiple copies of the application will create issues in our system, so please print out a PDF copy of the application you wish to complete, prepare your answers in Word or a program of your choice, and then use the online form to submit once. If you find that you need to submit twice, or if you are having issues, please let us know via email. Please note that we do not accept applications on paper, in e-mail or any other method other than submission via Qualtrics.
  • New candidates are required to submit a copy of their resume as part of the process. Please submit a PDF copy of your resume as formatting may not look the same should you submit a .doc, .docx or other type of file. We strongly encourage all candidates submitting resumes to have them reviewed by staff members at the Hiatt Career Center.
  • Upon completion of the online application, you should receive an email confirmation from our team including information related to next steps and containing your application submission. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folders first before contacting us. If you still can't find a confirmation from us, please make sure to reach out via e-mail. 
CA Job Descriptions

The Community Advisor is the main paraprofessional staff position within DCL; Community Advisors work with our on-campus student population in all of our residence halls and wear many "hats": community builder, residential educator and programmer, community standards educator, peer advisor, and team player within DCL. Students who wish to become Community Advisors for our vacancies in Spring 2020 can complete this application. Applications to be considered for 2020-2021 academic year should complete the new CA application.

Here is the full CA job description for 2020-2021.

Here is the Spring 2020 job description.

Head CA Process

Each year, DCL hires Head Community Advisors to serve as leaders within the CA Program and supports to the Area Coordinators for each of our residential areas. Head CAs are students who have served in the CA role for at least one year and who have performed exceptionally well, thus earning them a senior leadership position within the program.

Our Head CA process for 2020-2021 will begin shortly!

Spring 2020 Community Advisor Application Form

The Spring 2020 CA application can be found here and is due Friday, November 1st at 12pm. A PDF version of the application can be found here.

Please note that completing and submitting the application does not guarantee moving forward in the process. If successful in our application review process, we will reach out for the next phase of our process: an individual interview. We will notify candidates whether or not they are moving on in the process on Thursday, November 7th, 2019 with interviews to follow on Wednesday, November 13th-Friday, November 15th. 

2020-2021 New Community Advisor Application Form

The New CA 2020-2021 application can be found here and is due Wednesday, December 18th at 12pm. A PDF version of the application can be found here.

All completed applications will be reviewed by professional staff members of the Department of Community Living. Please note that completing and submitting the application does not guarantee moving forward in the process. Candidates will be notified on Tuesday, January 21st whether or not they are moving forward in the process. Candidates will have until Friday, January 24th to sign-up for both an individual and group interview.

  • Individual Interviews will take place Wednesday, January 29th through Friday, February 7th
  • Group Interviews will take place Monday, February 10th through Wednesday, February 12th. 
CA Recruitment Information Sessions

Each year as part of our recruitment process for Community Advisors, DCL hosts a series of information sessions across campus and in the residence halls where students can interact with DCL professional staff
members and current CAs, learn more details about the CA role, and find out more about how to apply for the position. Please RSVP to one of the following information sessions:

  • Wednesday, October 23rd in the DCL Conference Room at 12:00pm
  • Tuesday, November 5th in the DCL Conference Room at 12:00pm
  • Monday, November 11th in the Shapiro Lounge in Massell Quad at 7:00pm
  • Tuesday, November 19th in Polaris Lounge in North Quad at 7:00pm
  • Thursday, December 5th in the DCL Conference Room at 12:00pm
  • Monday, December 9th in Skyline Commons in Skyline Quad at 7:00pm

Additionally, you can click this video and listen in on one of the info sessions, which was recorded!

Community Advisor Nomination Form

Know an amazing Brandeis student who you think can be a great CA? Fill out the above form and let us know today! The CA Nomination Form found here allows us to identify talented students and send them a note personally inviting them to learn more about the CA role and to apply for the position. The form will be open through the application process until applications for new students close. Any questions about how our nomination form works can be directed to the CA Recruitment and Selection Team at

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