Off-Campus Housing

Off-campus housing in the Waltham community surrounding Brandeis is extensive and varied. "Off-campus housing" simply refers to any housing not owned and operated by the University. Off-campus housing includes shared housing, apartments, houses, and rooms for rent.

Search Tips

Where should I live?

It is important to think about location when living off-campus. Do you want to be near campus? Will transportation be a problem? You should choose a neighborhood that can best accommodate your needs and lifestyle. Here are some questions to ask yourself when looking into off-campus housing.

  • Are stores located conveniently to your home?

  • How many bedrooms are there?

  • What is the cost of the rent per person?

  • What type of heat does it use? (oil, gas, electric)

  • Where is the apartment/house located? How safe is the neighborhood?

  • What appliances/amenities are included?

  • Is there adequate parking?

  • Who do you call in case of an emergency?

  • What is the length of the lease? Are there fees involved?

What expenses should I expect in addition to monthly rent?


  • Gas: cooking gas, heat, hot water

  • Electricity

  • Oil-to heat the house. Price fluctuates daily. Currently it is about $2.50/gallon

  • Cable. Basic Cable is about $35.

  • Internet. DSL is about $30. Cable modem is about $45.

  • Phone. Landline or cell? If cell, will you get reception?

What are some questions to ask about a potential rental?
  • Who am I going to live with?

  • Where is the closest grocery store?

  • How long is the lease? Can I sublet my room?

  • Laundry. Where will I do my laundry? If it is on the apartment premises, is it coin-operated? If not, where is the closest laundromat?

  • Snow removal. Who is responsible for the steps, etc. and parking area? Will you have to buy a shovel?

What are some important considerations?
  • A landlord can require first month's rent, last month's rent, and a security deposit (not more than one month's rent). This means if your portion of rent is $500, you will need to pay $1500 upfront. If you go through a real estate agent you may have to pay a fee equal to one month's rent. Make sure to get receipts.

  • If a security deposit is taken, make sure you fill out an Apartment Condition form and return it to your landlord within 15 days. It is similar to the Room Condition Report (RCR) you fill out for on-campus housing at Brandeis.

  • A lease is a contract and a binding agreement. If you sign for a year you are expected to pay rent for a year. If you do not plan to stay for the entire time you should find out from the landlord if you can sublet your room. If you do so without permission, you will be held responsible for any damage that subletter may cause.

  • A parent or guardian may have to co-sign your lease as well because of your income limitations. They may also have to go through a credit check and show proof of income.

  • Keep all paperwork (leases, receipts, etc.) in a safe place.

  • If your apartment isn't furnished you will need to buy/obtain furniture: bed, desk, lamp, chair, dresser, kitchen items.

  • You will have to share common areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and living room and everyone is responsible for its upkeep. Will you have to make a cleaning schedule? Will you share groceries or have your own food cabinet?

  • Some landlords charge a fee for use of an air conditioner. Make sure it is stated in the lease.

  • Roommate conflicts will have to be handled on your own.

Anything else?
  • Don't feel pressured into taking the first thing you see. If you are able to, look at a few apartments to make comparisons.

  • If you think the rent is too high, you can always negotiate on a price.

  • Try to get feedback about the apartment and landlord from the present tenants.

  • When visiting the apartment, turn on the lights and faucets, flush the toilet. Also ask about water pressure and heat.

  • Living off-campus is a different experience! Brandeis University recommends that all students thoroughly research on-campus options PRIOR to deciding to move  off. It is our hope that you will choose to stay on campus as long as you are able to.


Toggle is a new online directory for Brandeis students and building owners to look for and post available spaces for rent. Jump Off-Campus hosts a Brandeis specific site for landlords specifically looking to rent to Brandeis students and other members of the Brandeis community. Students can sign up to view listings or post their own sublet. A Brandeis email address is required.

Other off-campus housing search websites
Rights and responsibilities

It is important to know your rights and responsibilities as a renter, a student and a member of the greater Waltham community. 

Read landlord and tenant laws in Massachusetts.