Summer School Housing

Students enrolled in Brandeis summer school may live on campus at Skyline. Session I housing runs June 2 - July 6, 2024. Session II housing runs July 8 - August 9. Move-in and out dates are subject to change. Students housed at Skyline are required to have a summer meal plan.

Eligibility Requirements

Students must meet the certain requirements to receive on-campus housing as a Summer School student:

  • Enrolled in at least one Summer School course. Students do not have to be enrolled before requesting housing, but must be enrolled before moving into housing.
  • Enrolled as an undergraduate at a college or university during the academic year. Students in the Brandeis midyear class beginning in Spring 2024 are eligible for on-campus housing.
  • Students who withdraw from Summer School during the summer have 48 hours to vacate their housing assignment.

Housing Rate

The cost of housing for Summer School is a flat rate of $275/week.

Meal Plan Rates

Meal plans are required for Summer School housing and will be listed here shortly.

Summer Student Housing Process

Obtaining summer housing is a fairly simple process. Below are the steps that students, faculty and staff must take for students to receive summer housing.

Step 1: Apply

Complete the Summer School Housing Application. Forms must be submitted by May 13, 2024, for priority housing. Applications received after May 13 will be housed in the order they are received.

Step 2: Transitional Housing, Part I

If you wish to live on campus between the end of final exams and the beginning of the summer, you must complete the Transitional Housing Request Form. Spring-to-Summer Transitional Housing is only available for students enrolled in the Summer Session I. Transitional housing costs a flat rate of $300. Your student account will be billed directly for transitional housing. See Transitional Housing for more information.

Step 3: Move-In

Students will be notified of their summer residence by May 20, 2024. Keys for Session I housing will be available to pick up Sunday, June 2, from Community Living. Keys for Session II will be available Sunday, July 7 from Community Living. Students who are residing on campus for Transitional Housing (part I) may be expected to move into their summer housing early.

Step 4: Transitional Housing, Part II

Students who wish to stay on campus between the end of summer school and beginning of Fall semester may request Summer-to-Fall transitional housing. It is only available for students enrolled in Summer Session II. If you did not request Summer-to-Fall transitional housing originally, a new Transitional Housing Request must be completed. The cost of transitional housing for this period is $500. See Transitional Housing for more information.