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Students who wish to light candles for religious purposes must complete the Safety Procedures for Lighting Religious Candles Form. Only students who complete this form may light candles in their rooms.

The Change of Housing Request form for 2022-2023 year will be open May 2 - May 31, 2022.

Please note:  This is only for Fall 2022 and requests will be reviewed later in the summer.  The form will reopen two weeks into the Fall semester.

Residents should complete the Change of Housing Request Form to request a new on-campus housing assignment. Requests are granted based on available housing options and an individual's need for a new housing assignment. There are no guarantees a student's request will be granted. Submitting this form will result in a required meeting with a Community Living Professional Staff Member to discuss your request.

There are a limited number of on campus residence hall rooms available from May 20-23 for returning 2020/2021 graduates celebrating RE:Commencement.  Room requests are first come, first served. Our traditional commencement housing is also available for guests of 2022 graduates.

Please click here to access the Commencement Housing Application

Should you require financial assistance to defray the cost of your on-campus overnight stay, please use this form to request consideration. Requests must be made no later than March 1, 2022. Determination of your financial need level will be based on your financial aid application from your final year at Brandeis. Due to limited funding, financial assistance will also be provided on a first come, first served basis.  You will be notified of your eligibility for financial assistance no later than March 15, 2022.

Use this form to appeal your damage billing charges.

Early Arrival Request Form

Early arrival requests for individual students not part of a department-sponsored group/organization returning early may be submitted through MyHousing; if you are coming back for a group or organization, please confirm with your group whether your cost of early arrival will be covered. This form will be available through your MyHousing portal. Please note that we do not accept early arrival requests during the summer terms or for first-year students. Students who are permitted to return will be charged a $50 per night fee. 

Event Registration Form

Event Registration is not currently open due to Covid-19 policies of no food/drinks being served at events. 

To register for an event within the residence halls, you must submit the Event Registration Form. This form must be turned in two business days prior to the event and by 12 p.m. each Wednesday for all weekend events.  It is expected that all events are registered in advance. Each event requires a primary host and an Alcohol Beverage Server if alcohol is being served. Failure to register events can result in conduct action.

Note: New this year, the maximum capacity for events will be 20 people. Students will attend training with Community Living Professional Staff about Event Registration. These group meetings will occur on Thursdays and Fridays from 11am-12pm and 12pm-1pm. 

Note: this form is only available for incoming Mid-year students who are starting at Brandeis in January 2022. This form will close on October 26.

All new first-year and mid-year students are required to live on-campus or commute from home. Students who wish to live off-campus or commute must complete this form. Students who wish to live off-campus and not commute from home must obtain permission from Community Living to live off-campus.

Housing Waitlist Application

We are no longer accepting Waitlist Applications. If we were the process below would be in place.

Students who were not able to complete the Housing Selection Application prior to the  deadline and still want to live on-campus for the academic year can complete the Housing Waitlist Application. This application can be found on the MyHousing Portal. 

Please note, students on the Waitlist will not receive a selection number, are not eligible for the Housing Selection process, and cannot be pulled into a space by a student in the housing selection process. Students on the Waitlist will receive communication via email from Community Living over the summer to be offered spaces on campus. While we hope to be able to offer all students on the waitlist an assignment, housing is not guaranteed for students on the Waitlist.

Pull-In Form
The Pull-In Request Form is for students who wish to be pulled into a housing selection process that is not their originally assigned process: sophomores who want to be pulled in by a junior or senior or study abroad students who wish to be pulled in by a non-study abroad student. This form will be available on the MyHousing Portal after housing selection numbers have been released.
Students who wish to participate in the Room Selection Process, but cannot attend at their assigned time, may designate Community Living or another student as a proxy. The student should educate their proxy about their desired choices, as any decisions made by a proxy are binding. The Proxy Form will be available from the Community Living website once Room Selection numbers have been sent out and must be completed by the person being proxied for in advance. More information will be available in the form description.
Winter Break Housing Form - Individual Request
All students looking to stay on campus for Winter Break (past 12:00pm on November 23rd) must complete the Winter Break Housing Application found on their MyHousing portal. Fees for Winter Break Housing vary based on housing assignments as those living in apartments have their fee covered by the University. A meal plan is required for Winter Break.
Withdrawal from Housing

Students who wish to withdraw from on-campus housing, should send an email with the subject line "Withdrawal from Housing" to

Fall Semester

  • By May 1st, students are not charged for the semester.
  • May 2nd-June 1st students will be charged 25% of the room contract
  • June 2nd-July 1st students will be charged 50% of the room contract.
  • July 2nd-August 1st students will be charged 75% of the room contract
  • After August 1st  students will be charged 100% of the room contract

Spring Semester

  • By August 1st, students are not charged for the semester.
  • August 2nd-September 1st students will be charged 25% of the room contract
  • September 2nd-October 1st students will be charged 50% of the room contract.
  • October 2nd-November 1st students will be charged 75% of the room contract
  • After November 1st students will be charged 100% of the room contract

Housing Accommodation Request Forms

Housing Medical Accommodation Request

Housing Accommodation Request procedures and forms can be found on the Housing Medical Accommodations Request page of our website.