Online Forms

Students who wish to light candles for religious purposes must complete the Safety Procedures for Lighting Religious Candles Form. Only students who complete this form may light candles in their rooms.

Complete this form to request a new on-campus housing assignment. Requests are granted based on available housing options and an individual's need for a new housing assignment. Note: A housing freeze is in effect for the first two weeks of each semester. Requests to change housing will not be considered until after the first two weeks.

Use this form to appeal your damage billing charges.

This form is for students who signed-up for Room Selection for 2019-2020 and no longer wish to participate or select housing.

Early Arrival Permission Request Form

Early arrival requests for individual students not part of a large group/organization returning early may be submitted here; if you are coming back for a group or organization, please ask your group leader for a separate form link. This form will be available through your MyHousing portal. Please note that we do not accept early arrival requests for first year students and that students who are permitted to return will be charged a $40 per night fee. 

Must be turned in two business days prior to event and by 5 p.m. each Wednesday for all weekend events.  It is expected that all events are registered in advance. A follow-up meeting with a professional staff member will be required in order to discuss the event and receive an Event Registration Permit. Each event requires a primary host and an Alcohol Beverage Server if alcohol is being served. Failure to register events can result in conduct action.

All new first-year and mid-year students are required to live on-campus or commute from home. Students who wish to live off-campus or commute must complete this form. Students who wish to live off-campus and not commute from home must obtain permission from DCL to live off-campus.

Students on the wait list or who wish to be placed on the wait list for housing for the 2019-2020 academic year should complete this form. The information provided will help us offer preferred and appropriate housing for next fall. New students (first-year students only) and graduate students should not complete this form. This form is also for students who are looking for housing mid-year, returning from leaves, newly admitted transfer students or students who are otherwise looking outside of regular selection or assignment processes. 

Winter Break Housing Form - Individual Request
Students who live in areas that close (East, Massell, North, Rosenthal, Skyline, Village, and Ziv) have the option of staying in break housing; please fill out this form to indicate you are interested. Please note: students who live in break housing are assessed a one-time fee of $500. The deadline to submit a form is December 7th, 2018. Students who live in areas that do not close in Fall (567 South Street, Charles River, Foster Mods, Ridgewood) do not need to complete a Winter Break Housing form to stay over break and should not complete this form. 
Withdrawal from Housing

2018-2019 Withdrawal From Housing Form

This form is for students who are leaving on-campus housing for any reason. Students should complete the form only for a housing assignment currently assigned or occupied for the 2018-2019 academic year.

2019-2020 Withdrawal From Housing Form

This form is for students who wish to withdraw from on-campus housing for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Housing Accommodation Request Forms

The Medical Provider Form must be completed for any medical or physical housing accommodation request. It must be completed by the student and a professional medical provider.

Policies, guidelines, and information on requesting a housing accommodation.

Students with medical, physical, or psychological conditions may request a housing accommodation.

Commencement Housing

Requests for commencement housing are first-come, first-serve. More information will be updated in Spring 2019