Transitional Housing

Transitional housing is only available for Brandeis students moving from one on-campus housing assignment to another. Hence, students in transitional housing are "transitioning" from a spring assignment to a summer assignment or a summer assignment to a fall assignment.

We anticipate that summer housing will be available for students in transitional housing starting on Sunday, June 2, 2019 Students in transitional housing should be prepared to move out of transitional housing and into summer housing at that time. Summer housing may be available for some students in earlier than June 2. For that reason, we require that all students in transitional housing stay on-campus during the transitional housing period in order to move to their summer housing assignment as soon as possible.

Summer-to-fall transitional housing will likely be in students' fall assignments where possible. Some fall assignments may not be ready at the end of summer, and students may need to relocate to temporary housing during that transitional housing period as well. Students signing up for fall transitional housing will be required to stay on-campus during the entire transitional housing period and will be expected to move to their fall assignment as soon as possible.

Transitional Housing Dates

Transitional Housing Rates

*Due to the compressed dates Transitional Housing Rates for the 2019 period will be a flat $300.*

Transitional Housing Application

To sign up for Transitional Housing, please complete the Transitional Housing Application (available on MyHousing). Applications for Spring-to-Summer housing are due by May 2, 2019. Requests for Summer-to-Fall transitional housing are due by July 31, 2019.