Room Selection 2019

Room Selection Live Availability: Click Here

Room Selection Process & Next Steps

The room selection process for 2019-2020 will begin with Room Selection Application form that will be available starting at 12:00pm on January 23, 2019 through the MyHousing portal. Students must complete the Room Selection Application form in order to participate in the room selection process. DCL strongly recommends that all students fill out the Room Selection Application. Students can be removed from the process at later dates, but they cannot be added to the process if they do not fill out the Application. The application process will close at 11:59pm on February 13, 2019.

If you have questions or concerns about next steps, please feel free to call our office or to come in — we are happy to assist you!

Updates to Room Selection Guide

Please see pages 3 & 10 for updates to the Room Selection Guide.

Important Announcement about laundry services within the residence halls:

We are happy to announce that laundry facilities will be available at no cost to students with a housing plan beginning in the Fall 2019 semester. Machines will no longer require WhoCash or quarters.

This is a result of feedback received from the SkyFactor survey with a 70.2% response rate. Thank you for your valuable input.

Community Living and the Campus Card Office are proud to partner to deliver this new service.

What does my Study Abroad Number Mean?

Students living on campus in the Fall 2019 click here

Students living on campus in the Spring 2020 click here

Important Dates

January 23 - February 13
Room Selection Application Period
12 PM
February 25
Room Selection Presentation (Skyline MPR)
2 PM
March 6
Room Selection Presentation (Skyline MPR)
12 PM
March 13
Room Selection Presentation (Skyline MPR)
12 PM
March 13
Room Selection Numbers Released
12 PM
March 25
Study Abroad Room Selection (More Info Coming Soon)
March 27 - March 29
Rising Sophomore Room Selection (More Info Coming Soon)
April 8 - April 12
Upperclass Student Room Selection (More Info Coming Soon)