Timeline and Updates

Date Project Progress


Smart harvesting of publications.

Spring 2021

Team formed to update Faculty Guide

Summer-Fall 2021

Product analysis and vendor interviews

August 2021

Survey sent to faculty to gather requirements

Late Fall 2021

Vendor chosen

February 28, 2022

Cutoff for Sage faculty data entry (data entered in Sage after Feb. 28, will not be imported to ScholarWorks).

March 2022

Sage data is migrated to ScholarWorks. Faculty complete the Faculty Activity Report in Workday.

April-May 2022

Data submitted on Faculty Activity Reports migrated to ScholarWorks.

June-September 2022

Data validation: migrated and smart harvested data is validated by Library staff.

September-October 2022

Faculty are invited (on a rolling basis) to review, edit and approve their ScholarWorks profiles.

November 2022 ScholarWorks Faculty Profiles submitted to Google for search indexing. The current Faculty Guide is retired and Faculty Guide profiles are redirected to ScholarWorks profiles.

Community Updates

Feb. 18, 2022: Next Steps for ScholarWorks: Cutoff for Entering Faculty Guide Information in Sage

Feb. 2, 2022: Faculty Guide/ScholarWorks Update | Take the ORCID iD Challenge

Aug. 12, 2021: Faculty Survey