Capstone Project

Each student must complete a project of professional quality that produces original work within her or his field of concentration and that meets with the approval of a faculty advisor and a second reader. While the project may take the form of a traditional research paper, students may also explore the possibility of creating (for example) a web-based resource, a curricular plan, or a multimedia presentation. Work toward the capstone project is undertaken with a student's faculty capstone advisor.

Capstone Titles

  • “The Female Synecdoche Shaping Satan's Image in the Middle Ages” (Amanda Barton, MA ’17)

  • “Through Windows: Mass Culture and Violence in the Case of the Apaches of Paris” (Matthew Chernick, MA ’17)

  • “No Man or Woman’s Land: Deconstructing the Fine Gendered Lines between Hemingway, West, and the Women of World War I” (Katerina Daley, MA ’17)

  • “The Development, Deployment, and Consequences of National and Urban Identities in Copenhagen, Denmark” (Benjamin Davis, MA ’17)

  • “Myths for Friendship: Towards a Pragmatic, Humanist, Philosophy/Poetry” (Micah Isser, MA ’17)

  • “Looking Through the Lens: How Photographic Documentation Fails in Translation” (Eve Litvak, MA ’17)

  • "Sensation: The Obtuse Form in Pasolini's Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom” (Zhitian Zhu, MA ’17)

  • “White Kids Fight Dragons, Black Kids Fight Drugs; the Intersectionality of Childhood and Race in Children's Literature” (Maya Dworsky, MA ’16)

  • “Re-negotiating Stigma, Re-conceptualizing Identity: The role of Personal Narrative in the liberation of Formerly Incarcerated Women” (Karen Lengler, MA ’16)

  • “Reading Rape Cultures: Ovid and Sexual Politics in Early Imperial Rome and the 21st Century U.S.” (Kendall Lovely, MA ’16)

  • “Liang Qichao and Chinese Nationalism in the 20th Century” (Xiaoyu Yang, MA ’16)

  • “Rituals Born in Trauma: Transitional Politics and the Lyric Voice” (Megan Kerrigan, MA ’15)

  • “Imperial Ontology: Exploring a Form/Content Divide of the High British Empire” (Andrew Bethke, MA ’14)

  • “There is No 'Global Gay': The Evolution of the Russian (Homo)Sexual Subject and its Dissolution in 21st-Century Political Rhetoric” (Jessica Gokhberg, MA ’14)

  • “Chinese Chinoiserie across the Atlantic through the China Trade” (Jingqi Zhang, MA ’14)

  • “Kafka’s The Trial: Another Transformation” (Tao Zhang, MA ’14)