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Prof. Jytte Klausen

Western Jihadism Project, a social science lab led by Professor of Politics Jytte Klausen

Professor Jytte Klausen’s Western Jihadism Project, in conjunction with the Computer Networking Research Lab at Colorado State University, recently received a grant from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) to offer risk assessments to law enforcement agencies and NGOs working to counter violent extremism. This grant represents a significant step forward for the Western Jihadism Project at Brandeis.

Focus on Careers

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Our Global Studies Degree

Brandeis University's Master of Arts Program in Global Studies provides students with analytical and methodological skills to investigate globalization both specifically and generally -- specifically, by offering advanced training in one relevant academic concentration and independent research leading to a Master's thesis; and generally, by exposing students to a broad range of elective courses taught by our faculty experts. Our graduate program offers students flexibility in designing their own curriculum and thesis to match their own interests.

The one year Master's program in Global Studies combines interdisciplinary study with intensive training in research, analysis, writing, and practical experience. Our goal is to prepare students to think, speak, and write knowledgeably about specific global issues and theories and to provide the tangible skills best suited for jobs in diplomacy, academia, business, and the non-profit world. The expertise and skill development gained through the Global Studies Master's program supports multiple career paths and provides a foundation for doctoral or other advanced studies in several disciplines.

Our focus on the dynamic interplay of diverse global processes differentiates the Brandeis program from traditional international relations programs, which concentrate on exchanges between nations, multi-/bilateral agreements, and diplomacy. Students interested in technical training in global finance or international trade should consult Brandeis’ International Business School; students with more interest in developing skills in policy-making and program development should consult the Heller School for Social Policy and Management.

Global Studies Careers

Our students are prepared to be global thinkers in business, education, government, and the non-profit sector. They have gone on to a broad range of professions impacted by globalization, such as health care, the environment, human rights, and communications, in a variety of non-profits, NGOs (non-government organizations), and international service agencies. Students have also gone onto doctoral programs or other advanced degrees in relevant fields such as law, diplomacy, education, or public or international health.