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Faculty Spotlight

Prof. Chandler Rosenberger

Prof. Chandler Rosenberger is chair of the International and Global Studies Program and director of the Emerging Powers Justice Brandeis Semester at Brandeis University.  He writes primarily about the cultural foundations of international affairs.

Emerging Powers

Explore Global History and Newly-Influential World Powers

The Emerging Powers/Global History concentration focuses on Brandeis' strengths in Latin American, South Asian, and East Asian studies to provide students with a background in the cultures, economies, and politics of newly-influential world powers, such as China, India, and Brazil, among others. This elective concentration will also give students the chance to update their knowledge of a rapidly changing global order.

This concentration will suit anyone interested in better understanding how the emergence of new global powers is changing global politics, economics, and culture. It is especially well-suited for:

  • Aspiring or active diplomats, businesspeople, and journalists who would like the chance to reflect on ways in which the rise of new powers (especially China and India) is changing the global order;
  •  Teachers of world history who would like to pursue professional development by augmenting their understanding of emerging powers. 

To provide access to people with full-time jobs (especially teachers), this concentration features an intensive summer semester and several late afternoon and evening classes. 

Global Studies | Emerging Powers Courses

Students may choose from a wide range of classes on contemporary global affairs, with a particular emphasis on the shift in economic and political power toward the BRIICS (Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China, and South Africa) countries. In addition to the core curriculum, students will choose four electives: 

Classes include but are not limited to:
  • three in one area of geographical/topical area of concentration (South Asia, East Asia, Latin America, Europe);
  • one from an area outside the concentration

Classes include but are not limited to:

AAPI 140 –Asian-American Experience
ANTH 130 B –Culture and Power in East Asia
CHIN 130 B – China on Film
CHIN 136A – Chinese Modernism in International Context
HIST/SOC 170B – Gender and Sexuality in South Asia
HIST 176 B – Japan and Korea in Modern World History
HIST 178B – Britain and India: Connected Histories
HIST 181A – Seminar on Traditional Chinese Thought
HIST 182A – Mao: The Man, the Myth, and the Milieu
HIST 182B – Modern China
PHIL 119B – Chinese Philosophy
POL 147A – The Government and Politics of China
POL 167A – United States and China in World Politics
POL 179A – China's Global Rise: The Challenge to Democratic Order
REL 151A – The Buddha: His Life and Teachings
REL/SAS 152A – Introduction to Hinduism
REL 161A – Chinese Religion and Thought
SAS 100A – India and Pakistan: Understanding South Asia