Recording a Lecture Video

Record a Lecture and Post It on LATTE

Guidelines for an Engaging Lecture Video

Aim for 15- to 20-minute segments of lectures. This is the length of a TED talk, for example. You want students to actively engage with the content and to pause after 20 minutes or so to consider, question, apply  and reflect.

  • Include guiding questions and/or quiz questions before, during or after the video to help students actively engage and process the video content, instead of just listening passively. Tools that can help you gather students' responses efficiently include:
    • Brandeis Google forms
    • Brandeis Qualtrics
    • LATTE quizzes
    • LATTE H5P
    • LATTE discussion boards
  • To avoid unnecessary distractions from you main message, use images, slides, video clips or audio clips inside the lecture video sparingly and only when they support the content.
  • Review these helpful Pre-Recorded Lecture Tips (pdf), Cornell Center for Teaching Innovation

Guidelines for Accessible Audio/Video