International Students

A master’s program is especially appealing for international students, providing an opportunity to enhance their English competency, to improve their research and writing skills, and to master the scholarly literature on a subject— globalization— of such direct importance to their home countries.

Why Global Studies?

Learn more about why students choose our program, located just outside of Boston in Waltham, Massachusetts:

  • First-class Training: The Global Studies program places a strong emphasis on research and writing— developing the skills most transferable and most important for a career in virtually any field. The seminar training and especially the M.A. thesis provide students with a sustained, intensive year to significantly improve their ability to design a research strategy, conduct empirical research, and present the findings in clear and cogent prose.
  • Strength of Faculty Scholarship: The Brandeis faculty is known for the quality and originality of their research; research and writing skills are best learned from those who are masters at this specific craft.
  • Commitment to Global Studies: Brandeis has an extraordinarily strong commitment to the global studies— not only in the arts and sciences, but also across Brandeis. Our interdisciplinary program spans to Brandeis' Heller School for Social Policy and Management (a separate graduate school at Brandeis), which has a faculty deeply committed to research on such critical issues as sustainable development and global health. Brandeis' International Business School's strengths are in technical training in global finance and international trade.
  • Dedicated Mentoring: Brandeis is a small research university, with an emphasis on small classes and strong mentorship; each student has the opportunity to work closely with senior scholars in individual courses and on the master’s thesis.
  • Scholarships: To enable qualified students to come to Brandeis, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences has need-based scholarships that allow a reduction in the cost of tuition. In addition, it also provides some merit-based tuition scholarships for especially strong candidates for admission.
  • Teaching Assistantships: The Global Studies program has a limited number of teaching assistantships, which provide stipends for several students to serve as course assistants for the undergraduate major in International and Global Studies.

Why earn a Master's degree?

An additional year of study is a major investment of time and resources, and there are several reasons why a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Global Studies is a compelling choice:

  • The importance of a Master's degree: Today, the Master's degree is what the Bachelor's degree used to be — a key advantage in the competition for good positions, promotions, and exciting careers.
  • Salary benefits: Throughout the private and public sector, the M.A. raises the salary grade far above that of someone with just a bachelor's degree.
  • Transferable skills: An M.A. program that develops research and communication skills— not merely transmits information and knowledge— provides these invaluable skills, regardless of your ultimate career path.
  • Test the waters: The one-year M.A. allows you to decide whether the academic path is right for you— before you invest your time and resources in a multiyear doctoral program. 
  • Stronger qualifications for doctoral programs: The M.A. will significantly enhance your qualifications if you plan to pursue a full-time doctoral program. This can be especially useful if you seek to enter graduate school in a field outside your undergraduate major.