"Glass and Ceramic Mosaics," at Khai Dinh's Tomb. by Kelly Cheng Travel Photography

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2017 Capstone Projects

Congratulations to our Class of 2017 graduates on the completion of their capstone projects!

Amanda Barton: "The Female Synecdoche Shaping Satan's Image in the Middle Ages"

Matthew Chernick: "Through Windows: Mass Culture and Violence in the Case of the Apaches of Paris"

Katerina Daley: "No Man or Woman's Land: Deconstructing the Fine Gendered Lines between Hemingway, West, and the Women of World War I"

Benjamin Davis: "The Development, Deployment, and Consequences of National and Urban Identities in Copenhagen, Denmark"

Micah Isser: "Myths for Friendship: Towards a Pragmatic, Humanist, Philosophy/Poetry"

Eve Litvak: "Looking Through the Lens: How Photographic Documentation Fails in Translation"

Zhitian Zhu: "Sensation: The Obtuse Form in Pasolini's Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom"

Welcome to the Master of Arts in Comparative Humanities

"In the humanities... we are always engaged in illuminating the present by drawing on the past; it is the only way to make a future worth hoping for." —Kwame Anthony Appiah

Brandeis University’s Master of Arts Program in Comparative Humanities (MACH) offers students the opportunity to pursue rigorous humanistic studies within cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural frameworks. Our synergistic one-year graduate program focuses on avenues of inquiry that bridge intellectual traditions, geographies, nationalities, historical periods, and/or vernaculars. This unique interdisciplinary paradigm facilitates the development of a multi-faceted approach to language, literature, and culture.

Housed in Brandeis’ resplendent new Mandel Center for the Humanities, the comparative humanities program draws upon the strengths of faculty in fields ranging from film to philosophy, history to the fine arts, and literature to women’s and gender studies, with the potential for connections to the natural sciences and other fields. The program brings together a cadre of students committed to exploring problems that require interdisciplinary understanding and to the richness of multiple cultural perspectives. The program also draws upon our close connections with well-known academic, cultural, and research resources in the Boston area, making Brandeis an ideal location for securing local internships, as well as research and career opportunities. 

We invite you to learn more about Brandeis University’s Master of Arts Program in Comparative Humanities.